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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Norwegian Epic - Food, Fantasy and Frustration - Day Five, St. Thomas

Day numero five brings us to the lovely isle of St. Thomas. 

We were particularly excited about St. Thomas because one of our very dear friends packed up and left Florida to move here last year.  He absolutely loves it, and tortures his friends back in the states regularly with photos and anecdotes of how rough life is on the island.

We had arranged for Dave and Corie (his girlfriend) to meet us at the dock around 11am and they would show us the sights and play tourist with us for the day.  Having the locals show you around is the absolute best way to see and experience a new place.

Waitin' for Dave and Corie

The first thing we did after all the many hugs hello was walk down the street from the dock a bit to a skyride to Paradise Point. Papa Bear isn't good with heights, but I think he held it together pretty darned well at 700 feet above the ground (for a person who won't ride a Ferris wheel!). The view was amazing, too.

"I was told there would be a skyride?"
Here it comes...
It was sort of hard to get a steady shot inside the ride, but there's our ship down there!!

We ate lunch at the top of Paradise Point (which, coincidentally, is called the Paradise Point restaurant). The food was good, the view was spectacular and the company was fantastic!  Dave, Corie, Papa Bear and I did a couple of shots of mango rum at Dave's recommendation.  Dave had a Painkiller (Pusser's Rum, Coco Lopez, pineapple, orange and nutmeg) which was pretty good.  I had to try their 'Nilla Beer, which was simply Cruzan Vanilla and Virgin Island Root Beer - and for the record, I agree completely with Corie about their root beer being the best!!

Crazy Artist, Granma, Papa Bear, Dave and Corie

Crazy Dave and Papa Bear hammin' it up...
Then the girls got into it, too.

After lunch, we walked around Paradise Point for a few and took the skyride back down.  We trekked down the street a few blocks to a quirky little place, the Shipwreck Tavern, for a beer and another mango shot.  It was really hot and humid, so the seats in the a/c were screaming our name.

We decided to head back to the dock where Dave and Corie had parked their car so we could pile in and drive around to see the sights. Corie deserves our undying gratitude for driving - she was a pro when it came to the steep hills and narrow roads!  They were used to driving it, plus the whole driving on the left side of the road issue, and although Papa Bear and Granma were caught holding their breath a few times, I thought it was loads of fun!

One place we stopped at had a guy with a pet goat! The girls loved that because they got to pet it.

The views were stunning, too. Really something beautiful to see.

Dave and Corie

We had to be back on the boat by 4pm, and the weather started going south on us pretty quickly. Corie got us all back on the dock just in time, and we all hugged goodbye in the pouring rain and ran down the dock to the ship. It was so great to be able to hang out with friends all day that we haven't seen in awhile, and we were so grateful that they could spend the day with us!

Back on board, we decided to have an easy evening of it. Papa Bear and I were the only ones to go to dinner at Taste (the others went buffet diving), and he wasn't even all that hungry. He ate a Caesar salad while he watched me eat my dinner.

Miso Glazed Tilapia, Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms and Singapore Noodles

It was a great and exhausting day, but so much fun it was worth it!

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