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Friday, August 6, 2010

Norwegian Epic - Food, Fantasy and Frustration - Day Three

Day three we are still at sea. There's also a tropical storm brewing somewhere out there and the weather was really crappy looking. We ended up grazing at the Garden Cafe buffet for breakfast, no nothing really memorable there.

We had reservations at the Epic Theater for the 12pm Nickelodeon Slime Time Live! show, so we headed in about 30 minutes early to get decent seats.

The stage was pretty cool looking.  They had apparently pre-chosen two families of four on the ship because they brought them out and introduced them. 

They began by competing in a game against each other to see who could put on 50,000 pairs of underwear the fastest. This was a hoot to watch, and I can remember having my kids do this with their diaper pull-ups when they were little...hehehe.

And then, of course, they made them do a funky little dance...

Followed by some kind of chicken dance game.  They did pull quite a few kids out the audience to participate, which was nice.

The next game was Fairly Odd Parent themed.  Adults stood inside these shower curtain things while kids tossed in different costume pieces. One adult had to dress like Wanda and the other had to dress like Cosmo. The first one to do it won.

Of course they made them dance around when they finished.

The last game consisted of slime being passed down a line to the two adults sitting in a constantly moving swivel chair with their feet on big rubber balls. They had to fill a tub with the slime being passed to them by the glassful to win.

The Blue Team lost BIG.  In the interim between the physical games, each team was asked trivia questions about Nickelodeon characters.  This family did not know squat and out of four trivia questions, they got them all wrong. They were really easy questions, too.  It's been four or five years since my kids were into Nick shows or characters, but we all still know the answers to the questions.

For example, one of the questions was "Is Blue a girl or a boy?" The little blue dog in Blue's Clues is a girl, but they guessed she was a boy.  I remember watching Blue's Clues every day with both girls (I had an unhealthy and unmoral infatuation with the only human on the show, Steve Burns. He was soooo cute! Then he left and they brought in Joe, who sucks big time, and we stopped watching).

The losing team got to shove a pie in their face. Quite the constellation prize, eh?

The winning Red Team (excuse me, but don't the dudes in the Red Shirts always die? When does that happen?) get to be slimed. I was a tad disappointed with the actual slime act - they had to stand under the archway in a kiddie pool while a stream of thin green slime fell on them.  Where's the SLIME, people?  I wanted to see buckets of the stuff splashing everywhere...but alas, it was not meant to be.

We decided to try lunch in the Manhattan Room only to find that the lunch menu is the same every day for both freebie dining rooms, Taste and the Manhattan Room. Sigh...

Roasted Corn and Potato Chowder
Penne Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
Grilled New York Strip with Mushrooms, Garlic Butter and Fries

We had time to kill before our reservation for dinner at the Spiegel Tent for Cirque Dreams and Dinner, so we explored some more.  

Deck 7 has the Wasabi Sushi and Sake Bar, the Humidor Cigar Lounge, the Teppanyaki restaurant, Shakers Martini Bar, Maltings Whiskey Bar, Moderno Churrascaria and Cagney's Steakhouse restaurants, the Ice Bar, the Shopping Mall and the Bliss Ultra Lounge. 

 Wasabi Sushi and Sake Bar

Little Lawyer decided to try out the kids club area of the ship, Recess, which was conveniently located just off the elevator by our staterooms on deck 14.  We checked her in there for some fun away from the family.  She wasn't impressed.  She said it was way too loud (as I can imagine - it was loud in the lobby of the kids area when we dropped her off) and said she didn't want to go back.

Also on deck 14 was the spa and fitness center (of which I have no photos as we didn't go there), and the La Cucina Italian restaurant. 

 La Cucina

Dinner at the Spiegel Tent for Cirque Dreams and Dinner was...interesting.  Of course we were prohibited from taking pictures during the show, so I just snagged a couple of photos from the menu. It was a fixed menu, so everyone ate the same thing. Hearts of Butter Lettuce with Shrimp, Egg, Tomato and Thousand Island dressing, Petit Filet Mignon and Breast of Chicken Florentine, Cheesy Gratin Potatoes, Grilled Tomato and Mushroom sauce, and finally Chocolate Decadence with Mixed Berry sauce.

We were packed in there like sardines. You could not move your chair in any direction at all, even if you wanted to (can we say fire hazard?) and we had to pull a Linda Blair exorcism head movement in order to see what was happening during the show. We all walked outta there with sore necks. It was not Cirque Du Soleil, but it was mildly entertaining. It sort of reminded me of the the dinner theaters in Orlando, like King Henry's Feast or Arabian Nights. Tightrope walking, plate juggling, and trapeze artists were the best part.

They served the food while the good entertainment was happening though, and that irked me. Why couldn't they just serve the food while they were just talking or singing? I bet they would find it difficult to eat and watch what's happening behind you! Papa Bear and I thought the food was just so-so, but everyone else thought it was pretty good. 

Granma had changed our reservation for Blue Man Group from last night to tonight, we had about an hour or so before the show after dinner, so we went back to the stateroom to relax and digest. 

We made a detour through the shopping mall area of the ship on deck 7 for some candy for the girls. Little Lawyer's candy came with a mini fishing game, so when we got back to the room, she entertained herself with that for a few minutes.

Turns out that today was Papa Bear's turn to get sick.  On the way down to the Epic Theater for Blue Man Group, he started complaining of a queasy tummy.  Factor in that the weather was still kinda bad so the boat was rocking under our feet quite a bit. None of us have ever gotten seasick, so we discounted the rough seas as a valid reason for his not feeling well.

Blue Man Group was just fantastic! What Papa Bear and I saw of it, that is. It was a 90 minute show and I would say he lasted...oh, about an hour before we had to exit and dash back up to the room so he could throw up.  After thinking about it, he determined that the food from dinner must have been the culprit.  He said his shrimp in his salad were tepid and tasted funny to him, although after polling everyone, it was probably just his dinner that was funky.  Everyone else stayed for the rest of the show and said it just kept getting better...oh well.

So Papa Bear went straight to bed to sleep off his queasiness this time and we all just chilled for the rest of the night.


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  1. We saw Blue Man Group in Orlando...the most fun we had in a long time. Great show, VERY entertaining and so much fun! Glad you got to see some of it at least. Sorry you both got sick tho. :(