Welcome to my F-ing life!

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters



Wicked Chef - yup, that's me! I am also a Mom, a wife, a chef (self titled, yes, but I deserve it), a foodie, and a smart ass. I also despise having my picture taken...

Papa Bear - my husband, best friend and super nice guy. He puts up with me, so nice is a requirement. His motto? "It's all good, baby."

Drama Queen - my first born daughter and musical theatre geek. She has the personality of Papa Bear and what used to be my singing voice. Bubbly and bright and has a wicked sense of humor.

Little Lawyer - my baby girl, who's not a baby anymore. She is a mini-me, with all the argumentative sarcasm included. Yay. She is 5 years younger than Drama Queen.

Crazy Artist - my niece, who may as well be my daughter, and was the reason I wasn't petrified to have kids. She is 2 years older than Drama Queen and can draw like nobody else. Goes for perversion and shock value.

Granma/Mom - my Mother and woman who has saved me many times from my life's insanity and brought me into her own. I never want to know what my life would be like without her in it.

Waldo - our weird dog. He's part Peek-a-poo and Shihtzu - we call him a Peek-a-shit. Does not know the meaning of potty trained at all.

Gizmo - our very LARGE cat, also known as Catzilla or Bulldozer. He is a lover, not a fighter. Talks constantly. Pure white. Brother of Twinkle.

Twinkle - our teeny weeny itty bitty kitty, also known as Twinkie or Boomerang. No matter how many times you toss her off your lap, she comes right back. Sweetest kitty ever! Pure white. Sister of Gizmo.
*Sadly, Twinkie is no longer with us. I miss my itty bitty kitty...

Shelly - also known as Basement Cat. She is my Mom's cat and used to be an outdoor kitty. Mean, spiteful, and can take you down within seconds. Has her "nice" moments occasionally and only on her terms.