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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Norwegian Epic - Food, Fantasy and Frustration - Day Six

Day six of our adventure on the Norwegian Epic was another day at sea. By this time, we had already explored all of the ship and knew our way around pretty well.  Today would just be a day of hanging out and chillin'.  We did have some things planned in advance because we knew we would be at sea all day again.

Drama Queen and I had some quiet time together at the Atrium Bar with an iced mocha for her and an espresso for me. You'll understand the need for 'quiet time' in just a moment...

Yesterday, while in St. Thomas, we happened across a music store.  There were several ukuleles in the window. Drama Queen had received a guitar for Christmas last year and loved to sit and strum away, learning how to play little by little.  She then developed a fascination for the tiny ukulele and a month or two prior to our trip and told me she wanted one.  I had replied with the condition that she learn to play guitar basics before I would entertain the idea of getting her a ukulele.  She got so excited when she saw them in the store window that I couldn't resist taking a look when we passed by them again on the way back to the ship.  Because they were way less expensive than I had imagined ($40 bucks!) and because she's so damned cute when she's excited about something, I caved and got her one. Yeah, I'm a pushover... She has been plucking away it since it landed in her hands non-stop...hence the need for 'Quiet Time'.

My life is now a Don Ho soundtrack...

Our lunch today was at noon in the Spiegel Tent for a murder mystery lunch called 'Presumed Murdered' performed by the Second City Troop. Again, no photography was allowed, but I did manage to snap a few before the show and just of the salad part of lunch.  It was a simple fixed menu with salad, chicken and dessert. The show was pretty good too. I like audience participation shows like this, just as long as I am not picked as one of the participants!!

Everyone got to do their own thing after lunch until dinner. The girls played games on my laptop and  got some ice cream at the buffet, Granma headed for the casino, Crazy Artist was doing her thing on her laptop, and Papa Bear and I headed for our favorite bar to get a drink and went around to the other parts of the ship we wanted to get more pictures of.

Espresso Martini

We all had dinner at Taste and got to sit directly under the chandelier. Dinner was really tasty tonight!

Yeah...this chandelier.
I love the panorama feature on my camera...
Wild Mushroom Quesadilla
Kids Pepperoni Pizza
Miso Glazed Tilapia, Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms and Singapore Noodles
Chicken and Shrimp Curry, Basmati Rice and Mango Chutney
Linguine and Sun Dried Tomatoes with Basil Cream
Braised Lamb Shank, Garlic Leek Mashed Potatoes, Five Bean Stew

After stuffing ourselves beyond capacity, we headed to Headliners to see the Second City comedy show. It was great, too!  Little Lawyer even got to suggest something during one of the improv sketches.

Our foray into the Ice Bar was reserved for 10:30pm that night. This was one of the things I was really looking forward to doing.  The cover charge was $20 a head and for that they provided gloves and parkas for you to wear and two drinks to have during your 45 minute stay in the bar.

The parkas were one-size-fits-all (and I still have yet to meet this person called ALL...) and very itchy. But I could survive that with 45 glorious minutes of icy cold comfort! I am a cold temperature lover. But I live in Florida...and (personally) I hate it. Cold weather makes me feel great, alive and almost like I was twenty-something. My bones don't ache, my sinuses are clear and I love it. This would be 45 minutes of sheer joy for me...

There were about 15 or 20 of us in the bar at the beginning, and it quickly (like within 15 minutes) was whittled down to about 10. When the drinks were gone, so were half the people apparently! Wimps!!! Before I knew it, the six of us were the only people left! As the minutes ticked by, I'm sure you can guess who was the last one to leave the bar...I couldn't find anyone available to ask if I could sleep in there for the duration of the cruise, so I used the time to take more pictures.

The benches and end tables were solid ice
The bar was made of ice bricks
The glasses were constructed of a solid ice "cone" insert inside a plastic cup
The top of the bar was smooth, solid ice
The were 2 big ice sculptures (a bear and Indian)

The Ice Bar was great! I could have seriously stayed longer. The funny thing was how cold the kids kept saying they were while we were in the bar, and then wanted to go get ice cream when they got out...

Day six ended with a trip up to the buffet for ice cream and goofiness...

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