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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Norwegian Epic - Food, Fantasy and Frustration - Day Seven, Nassau

Ah, day seven...our final cruise day.

We actually forced ourselves to wake up early because we had reservations for the Nickelodeon character breakfast at 8am in the Spiegel Tent.  This was primarily for our Little Lawyer's enjoyment, but I had a strong suspicion that Papa Bear had been looking forward to it as well...

Papa Bear loves him some Avatar...perhaps they were twins separated at birth?

The food was absolutely gross. Sorry, but it really, really was. The eggs were powdery, the hash browns were little greasy balls of goo, the bacon was like stiff bark...ugh. Thank goodness for coffee.

It was very cute, however, that the pancake syrup was green slime.

Little Lawyer got her pictures and autographs (which were ink stamps) and she had a fun time, even though she politely informed me after it was over that they were just dudes in costumes. I told her I didn't believe her!

Today was our day in Nassau.  Perhaps I should preface this paragraph by telling you how many times we have been to Nassau:  5 or 6.  We really didn't want to even get off the boat, to be honest.  There was a tropical storm still out there, so they announced over the loudspeaker that due to craptastic weather conditions we would not be stopping in Nassau at noon as scheduled. No big deal.  When we got close enough to the island, we were standing on the balcony and saw a Disney ship and a Carnival ship ahead of us. They were pulling into the port - why weren't we then?  They made another announcement over the loudspeaker that they were determining if weather conditions would permit us to pull into the dock now.  It was beautiful and balmy outside with no signs of any storm!! About an hour later, they announced that we were going to pull into port after all.

See how nice the weather was?
The Atlantis Hotel

We all took a vote as to whether or not we wanted to go into Nassau and majority ruled with a no. So we just hung out on the boat all day.  Granma took the girls bowling and pulled something and hurt herself. She went back to the cabin to rest.  Papa Bear felt like getting his butt kicked again by the girls, so he bowled a game with them.

Since we just hung out and didn't do much-o-nuthin' all day, I will pick up where I left off in an earlier post about what else is on the ship. In earlier entries, I took you through deck 5, 6, 7 and 14. Cabins and suites take up decks 8-13, most of deck 14, and part of 17 - we were not allowed access to decks 16, 18 and 19 as these were private areas for the guests staying in the high priced suites and villas.

Deck 15 has the Aqua Park and water slide, the Garden Cafe buffet, Spice H2O (an adults only outdoor bar and pool with a huge screen for sports watching), the Marketplace (more shopping), and the Video Arcade.

Deck 17, aside from the suites, had the Sports Complex - complete with full sized basketball court, batting cage, rock climbing wall, rappelling wall, rope adventure course and 24 foot enclosed climbing cage.

Let me take you down to the Bliss Ultra Lounge down on deck 7.  We finally got to see the inside today!  Every time we were within 50 feet of Bliss, it was closed for private functions.  I'm so glad we got to see the inside... as soon as we set foot inside, we were home - we wanted to live there! Funkadelic colors and eclectic furniture galore. This is what I would decorate a house in if money were no object... This is where the other 3 lanes of bowling were located, but we never did bowl in Bliss as it was always closed for one function or another.

This was the carpet - I loved this!
Lighted mirror ceiling and purple plush...oooh...
Beds to lounge on...
Cage dancing? Right on!
Stage, dance floor and screen
Bowling lanes
The eclectic furniture in here was making me drool...
My Pimp Daddy

Dinner this evening was in Teppanyaki. I am always up for this kind of dinner! I'm not a huge fan of communal seating, so when two other people filled the last two seats at our table, I was bummed that we didn't have the table (and chef) to ourselves. The woman (who sat directly to my right) was wearing the absolute worst smelling perfume (and about a gallon of it!) you could imagine.  Normally, Papa Bear is the scent-sensitive one when it comes to strong perfumes, but if I had to spend the first twenty minutes of dinner holding my breath and choking when I did have to inhale that stench, I can only imagine what he was going through.

It just made it worse when she and her husband complained the entire meal. I think our chef was somewhat new and was in the process of being trained - he was pretty good, but messed up a couple of times and joked about it (the six of us just laughed with him), but the smelly couple moaned, rolled their eyes and made quiet, smart-ass remarks about him (I could hear what she was saying because she was right next to me).  Apparently, smelly woman was allergic to scallops (which I of course ordered!) and her husband kept yelling at the chef the entire time to make sure my scallops didn't touch her food! Dude, if she's allergic to scallops, she's allergic to all shellfish...why the hell is she eating shrimp and lobster then??? They both barely ate anything and left before dessert - thank goodness!

White Miso soup
Origami with the menu
Seaweed Salad
Aw, he made the fried rice into a heart...
Fried Rice
Fried Rice and shrimp
Fresh Fruit Sashimi
Green Tea Cake with Cashew Nut Brittle

We didn't venture up top of the ship too much (too hot, don't swim or lay out, don't play sports), but we did go up once or twice at night to see what was going on.  The one time we made it up there with the cameras, it was rainy and icky so whatever activities they had planned were canceled and it was deserted and empty.

And so ends our last night on the Norwegian Epic...

I shall leave you with some awesome shots of the Miami skyline that Papa Bear took as we were pulling into port the next morning during sunrise...


  1. ugh...sorry your experience at dinner was horrible. Knowing me I would have politely asked management to move them because of the stench, or I would have opened my mouth and told them that if they weren't happy, frakkin' LEAVE. :) But, that's why you love me! :D

  2. Or you could have taken the wonderful approach of "what cologne are you wearing?" And when she told her thank her and say "that way I know what NEVER to buy"

  3. I just finished reading all of your Epic cruise logs. I am soon to be taking my first cruise with my partner in a few weeks on the same ship, so your detailed accounts were very helpful in getting a more real view of what to expect while on board. What was even more wonderful was your terrific writing style. I really do not like to read and mostly hate other peoples blogs, but your humor and candid observations are so great that I am bookmarking your blog so I can keep on reading other entries. Thanks so much for the great work!

  4. Love this series on NCL epic...some great pictures and good insight that it's difficult to get from some cruise review sites!