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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shimp Chowder Quesadillas

Remember that recipe contest that I mentioned I entered?

I created a total of five recipes and forced Papa Bear, Drama Queen, Little Lawyer, and our fantastic friends Steven, Kristina and Vinka to taste test them and rate them so I could decide which one out of the five was the one I should submit.  I submitted Butternut Soup Muffins (so please go vote for me - the deadline is 11:59 pm tonight!)

This recipe was rated number two out of five. It was a very close race between these quesadillas and the muffins! These were a huge hit...and I will be making these puppies again very soon!

Get yourself some nice plump shrimp.

Chop the shrimp up a little. Put them all in a ziploc.

Open up a can of WP's Tortilla soup.

Pour soup into ziploc with those tasty shrimp and marinate iin the ice box.

Chop up an onion...

A red and green pepper (or any color you happen to have!)...

Toss the onion and peppers in a hot pan with some olive oil.

Saute until they start to brown.

Remove veggies to a plate.

To the same hot pan, add the shrimp and soup and cook until shrimp are just done.

Remove just the shrimp to the veggie plate.

Reduce the soup down to half.

Pour soup over plated shrimp and veggies.

Stir all that beautiful goodness together.

In a clean skillet, heat a flour tortilla.

Top tortilla with shrimp and veggies.

Then add lots of cheese...don't be shy!
Add another tortilla, flip, and cook until oozy and melty! Slice and devour!

Shrimp Chowder Quesadillas

4 flour tortillas
1 pound uncooked shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 can Wolfgang Puck Tortilla Soup
1 whole large onion
1 whole red bell pepper
1 whole green bell pepper
4 cups cheese, grated (Monterey Jack or Mexi-Blend)
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt (to taste)
Sour cream

Pour soup over shrimp. Set aside; marinate for 1 hour or more.

Chop vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Heat skillet over high heat and add olive oil. Cook vegetables over high heat until they start to get brown/black. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Return skillet to high heat, then dump in the shrimp with the soup. Cook, stirring only occasionally, until shrimp is opaque. Remove shrimp and chop (if large) into bite-sized pieces. Cook soup down until little liquid remains. Remove from skillet.

In a separate (clean) skillet, heat butter. Place a tortilla in the skillet, then layer on ingredients: cheese, vegetables, and shrimp. Top with a little more cheese and a second tortilla. Cook on both sides, adding butter before flipping to the other side so the tortilla won't dry out. Remove from skillet and slice into wedges.

Serve with rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole—whatever you’d like!

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