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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventures With Vinka's Cat - Day Four

Some of you may be wondering...

Do I provoke Vinka's kitty so that I can get these photos?

Do I antagonize and/or torture Vinka's kitty for the sole purpose of a funny post?

Do I hate this kitty?

My answer to all of these (and any related/similar questions of this nature) is a honest
-to-goodness, cross-my-heart and hope-to-die, pinkie swearing NO.

We go in.
We fill the food bowl.
We fill the water bowl.
We scoop the poop.

We find Vinka's kitty (she's usually in hiding and is never anywhere in plain sight) so we can make sure she is okay and to take one or two pictures. We might say (in a very sweet voice, mind you) "Hi kitty kitty!" just to get her to look in our general direction.

We leave.

Total time elapsed: 8 to 10 minutes tops

It takes longer to drive to Vinka's house than taking care of the kitty cat.

And I love all kitties...even this one.  I simply find it fascinating (and somewhat funny) how she behaves towards everyone but Vinka. There has to be a backstory and a reason that kitty is so terrified of everyone. When Vinka comes home I think I'll ask if her kitty has always been like that. 

Then there's always the dime-sized portion of my brain that thinks I'm Jack Hanna or something and I believe with all my heart that I can tame the kitty!! She will like me!!

And then the bleeding starts.

I still think she's saying in her own way that she loves me.

Days Remaining:  17
Injuries:  0
Near Misses: 2

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